EAE Australia is a part of EAE Group, a world leading manufacturer of energy distribution systems. EAE Group exports its solutions to more than 100 countries. In Australia, EAE began its operations in 2019 providing innovative solutions to the data center industry with a dedicated team of engineers.

Since then it has expanded its offering to projects such as airports, metros, healthcare complexes, industrial facilities, sky scrapers, shopping centres and major infrastructure developments.

EAE GROUP has global experience and a local touch. With EAE AUSTRALIA, we offer a wide range of services in Australia, from Busduct systems to datacenter solutions to electric vehicle charging stations.

Busduct Energy Distribution Systems

EAE Busduct Energy Distribution Systems are a global leader in power distribution solutions, innovations and services. We care about your tomorrow, providing solutions for a smarter, safer, environmentally friendly and more reliable flow and distribution of electricity.

E-Line KX Series Busduct

Busduct System - Quick and Easy Assembly

E-Line KX Series Compact Busduct Systems (or Busway, Busduct) are used for vertical and horizontal distribution and transmission of power in facilities for high power applications (plug-in or bolt-on type).

Catalogs and Manuals

E-Line KX Catalog E-Line KX-II Catalog E-Line KX-III Catalog E-Line KX Manual


E-Line CCR Series Busduct

IP68 Aluminium Housing Cast Resin Busduct (600A...6300A)

Aluminium housing covers the “DUROCOMP” composite material that is manufactured from specially selected pure silicium minerals and epoxy resin and has superior temperature and mechanical operation features and insulates the E-Line CCR Busduct from external impacts.

Catalogs and Manuals

E-Line CCR katalog


E-Line CR Series Busduct

Cast Resin Busduct

Busduct Cast Resin IP 68 protection class. The "DUROCOMP" composite material which has high temperature and mechanical working strength constituted by specially selected pure silicon minerals and epoxy resin protects E-Line CR bus duct (or busway electrical) from external impacts.

Catalogs and Manuals

E-Line CR Catalog


E-Line KO-II Series Busduct

Busduct System - Reliable Energy Distribution

E-Line KO II Series "medium range busduct" systems provide suitable solutions for electricity transmission and distribution in medium-sized buildings or industrial facilities. They can be used in horizontal or vertical applications. Tap off box solutions comprise sheet metal boxes with circuit breakers, or plastic boxes for small currents which are compatible with Miniature Circuit Breakers.

Catalogs and Manuals

E-Line KO-II catalog E-Line KO-II Manual


E-Line MK Series Busduct

Busduct System - Flexibility

The small power range Bus Duct systems of E-Line MK series provide flexible and cost-effective solutions for the transmission and distribution of electricity in small-sized enterprises , workshops and industrial facilities.

Catalogs and Manuals

E-Line MK Catalog E-Line MK Mounting Installation Guide




EV Charging

EAE Australia leads the way in Electric Vehicle Charging Station installations with solutions for the future of Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.

The backbone of the EV Charging Station is the power distribution system. Offering stable, safe and efficient energy distribution, EAE Busduct systems contribute to the infrastructure for fast charging of electric vehicles without compromising safety. At EAE Australia, our commitment is not only to meet current demand, but also to anticipate the future needs of the Australian community. Recognizing the importance of efficient power distribution for EVs, we have innovatively combined Electric Vehicle Charging solutions with state-of-the-art Busduct options specifically designed for EV power distribution. By integrating world-class Electric Vehicle Charging technology with world-class Busduct (or Busduct-busway) options for EV power distribution, we are not just setting the standard - we are leading the way.

You can find the details of our Electric Vehicle Charging Stations Solutions here.

Data Centre

EAE Group, a globally recognized manufacturer known for its cutting-edge and dependable designs, offers a comprehensive product line specifically tailored for data centre infrastructure environments to meet the needs of end-users. Each component undergoes meticulous development, taking into account customer requests and information gathered during the design process. Our systems are engineered to provide the utmost user-friendliness, adaptability, and a wide array of options, including primary products and accessories. What sets our data centre solutions apart is our dedication to meeting customer requirements through extensive research and development, ultimately enhancing system reliability and efficiency. EAE specializes in the design and production of Busduct (or busbar-busway systems), Rack Cabinets, Cable Trays, and Support Systems, ensuring a worry-free experience for critical data centre infrastructure. For further information on our Data Centre Solutions, please refer to our product details.

Data Centre Busduct Solutions
Metro and Railway

Metro and Railway

The adoption of busduct systems within metro and train networks represents a highly efficient means of transmitting and distributing electrical power. These systems comprise conductors affixed to rails or positioned alongside the tracks, serving as conduits for the transmission of electrical energy to the vehicles. The incorporation of busduct systems in metro and train lines plays a pivotal role in advancing the modernization of public transportation infrastructure and fostering sustainability initiatives.

EAE Group continues to demonstrate its prowess in delivering electrical distribution solutions for metro and rail systems on a global scale. With its products featured in 30 projects spanning 250 kilometres of metro lines and serving 150 metro stations, EAE Group has firmly established itself as an integral component of contemporary urban landscapes. Through its commitment to innovation and the provision of top-quality products, EAE Group is poised to make significant strides towards a future characterized by sustainability and safety.


Busduct systems are a prevalent choice for ensuring safe electrical distribution and transmission within expansive facilities such as airports. These systems are purpose-built to convey and allocate electrical currents.

Airports rely on uninterrupted power for an array of critical functions, ranging from lighting and conveyor belt systems to security infrastructure and field control centres. This is precisely where our specialized busduct solutions for airports come into play. The primary advantage of implementing busduct systems at airports lies in their efficient and secure power distribution capabilities. The flexibility to expand busduct systems proves highly beneficial for airports experiencing continuous growth. In situations necessitating maintenance of electrical systems at airports, especially those with high passenger traffic, busduct systems simplify and expedite the maintenance process. Furthermore, the option to install busduct systems on ceilings or walls ensures seamless power distribution without compromising the facility's overall aesthetics.

When it comes to addressing the uninterrupted and secure energy requirements of airports, EAE Australia's busduct system solutions are an exemplary choice. With our unwavering commitment to high-quality standards and a team of experts, we offer the most fitting solutions for your airport projects.

Airport Solutions
Oil and Gas Plant

Oil and Gas Plant

EAE Group is the premier producer of busducts for the oil and gas industry, with a focus on showcasing engineering expertise via cutting-edge, dependable solutions. Our busducts and related goods are highly sought after for a vast array of international industrial projects. Thanks to our remarkable manufacturing capacity, we are able to furnish top-quality products and services for major industrial projects. With its proficient and adept team, it comprehends clients' needs and provides requisite services proficiently within the ambit of project management principles.


A continuous and dependable energy supply is an essential prerequisite for the healthcare sector. Given the intricate infrastructure of hospitals and the energy demands of critical medical equipment, the significance of busduct systems becomes apparent. EAE Group specializes in crafting Special Busduct Systems featuring stainless steel or polyester epoxy-painted enclosures, creating a sterile environment tailored to the unique requirements of healthcare facilities. Furthermore, EAE Group offers a diverse array of cable trays in various sizes and types to ensure secure installation wherever needed. Underfloor boxes can also be custom-made, featuring stainless steel covers and frames.

Busduct Systems serve as exceptional solutions for earthquake protection, with seismic hangers designed to facilitate swift and trouble-free assembly in healthcare facilities such as hospitals. The user-friendly nature of busduct systems is further enhanced through accessories specifically engineered for steel beam and frame connections. The reliable and safe distribution of electrical power is paramount in any building, making it essential to select distribution products with care to ensure a system that is both secure and long-lasting. For more information, you can explore the details of our healthcare solutions here.

Hospital Solutions
Comercial and Residential Tower

Comercial and Residential Tower

For both commercial and residential buildings, the provision of a dependable and efficient electrical distribution system is imperative. EAE Group's busduct systems are designed to deliver secure energy distribution, boasting not only high efficiency but also an aesthetically pleasing design. However, due to the unique power demands of each building, it is essential to customize the design and implementation of these systems to suit specific requirements.

Busduct systems, in comparison to conventional cable distribution systems, offer a space-saving advantage owing to their smaller physical footprint. Additionally, the flame-retardant properties of busduct systems significantly diminish the risk of fire and other safety concerns. Furthermore, when routine or unexpected maintenance becomes necessary, busduct systems facilitate quicker and more straightforward maintenance procedures.

Busduct systems prove to be a favourable choice for electrical distribution and power management in both commercial and residential towers that prioritize functionality. These systems guarantee the secure and efficient transmission and distribution of electrical current, ensuring the utmost safety and performance.


Opening More Efficient Ways to Design, Construct, and Maintain Assets Building Information

Modeling (BIM) is a collaborative working method supported by digital technologies that facilitates early supply chain involvement. It provides a digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of an asset to support reliable decision-making throughout its life cycle. BIM reduces the risk of errors by enabling all parties in the supply chain to work from a single source of information and maximizes teams' ability to innovate. At EAE Elektrik, we provide all the necessary support for your BIM objects that you can use in your project design infrastructure. Our range of BIM objects will help you achieve better results in your projects with ease.

Benefits of Using BIM Objects

  • Reduced risk of errors
  • Maximum efficiency with minimum effort
  • Increased interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Improved cost control

Our Revit Service Range

  • Busduct Systems
  • Cable Management Systems
  • Lighting Systems
BIM: Building Information Modeling

With our service range, you can be sure that your projects will be completed on time and within budget, making it easier for you to manage your projects efficiently! If you need help getting started using our BIM objects or learning more about our services, contact us today.